Brass Turtle Music

Chuck Campbell

Route 66 Revelers

Sound Samples

Route 66 Revelers

A Source for Traditional (Dixieland) Jazz

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Brass Turtle Music contracts to provide music for events of all sorts--parties, fundraisers, weddings, conventions, grand openings, memorial services, etc. Currently, Brass Turtle represents only the Route 66 Revelers

Brass Turtle Music is a sole proprietorship operated by Chuck Campbell, a longtime Albuquerque low-brass (tuba, trombone, euphonium) player who used to play in many groups. Because of some health issues and frequent travel, he has had to cut back in the past few years. The Brass Turtle entity was formed as a result of several groups he played in needing a business entity to comply with federal and state tax law.

Need a group for your next event? Contact Chuck! Last update: 20 November 2015, cpc